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Justin, a seasoned professional trader boasting over a decade of expertise, has recently embarked on a thorough exploration of various Forex proprietary firms. With a keen focus on evaluating legitimacy and scrutinizing conditions, he navigates the financial landscape with a discerning eye honed by years of market experience.

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Forex prop firms have certain rules and limits such as daily loss limit, maximum drawdown, and trading days. Risk limit rules are typically more important than trading days, but some firms prefer to additionally check traders for consistency. Some Forex prop trading firms offer funded accounts with zero trading days or without trading day restrictions, […]

Prop firms offer trading rules on their website, usually under each funded account option. However, some rules may not be displayed on the accounts page and require traders to dig deeper to find them. These rules also known as hidden rules can make a difference in a trader’s life when overlooked. Hidden rules are often […]

Forex prop firms allow traders to trade on their behalf using the firm’s capital and share profits. Lately, this financial trading sector has become immensely popular, as many traders see it as the possibility to trade large accounts without having to invest their money. While many reliable firms are operating in this space, there are […]

A 1-step evaluation refers to prop firms offering funded accounts after traders pass the single criteria during the evaluation period. During the challenge phase, traders are tested to prove their trading skills and abilities within predetermined performance parameters. The most common criterion for 1-step evaluation is hitting the profit target. 1-step evaluation is sometimes also […]

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