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Justin, a seasoned professional trader boasting over a decade of expertise, has recently embarked on a thorough exploration of various Forex proprietary firms. With a keen focus on evaluating legitimacy and scrutinizing conditions, he navigates the financial landscape with a discerning eye honed by years of market experience.

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Winning a trading challenge is a challenging task, as a multitude of traders are competing for the first place. Despite its difficulty, it is achievable to become a successful trader and win a trading competition, be it in Forex or any other financial market. Below, we will discuss the necessary steps and provide tips on […]

Scalping in financial trading is a popular short-term strategy where traders try to make profits bit-by-bit from rapid price movements. As an upside, when using scalping strategies, traders can receive quick profits, minimize their exposure by managing risks and trade sizes, and gain more experience from live charts. However, as a downside, utilizing scalping strategies […]

Forex proprietary firms or prop firms involve financial firms trading foreign exchange markets using their own capital to generate profits. Forex prop firms usually allow traders to trade on funded accounts and take a small portion of profits in return. If a trader is profitable, they can trade with larger accounts than what they would […]

With the advancements in technology, Forex trading is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. There are fewer and fewer barriers to entry. Many brokers even open accounts without initial deposit requirements and offer high leverage to their clients. In addition, registration and account opening is fully digital and typically takes a couple of days. […]

There are countless ways to make money in the market. Some financial institutions manage investors’ capital, while others use their own funds to profit. Proprietary (prop) trading firms use their own capital and hire talented traders to increase their investments. Reliance on other traders is always risky. Market conditions can change and profitable traders may […]

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is by far the most popular trading platform among Forex traders worldwide. There are reasons why this is the case: MT4 has been around for years as an early trading platform since 2005. It offers all the features needed for financial trading including advanced charting tools, technical tools and indicators, autonomous trading […]

Among the popular trading platform software widely used in Forex trading cTrader has solidified its place over the years. Many traders love using it for its advanced functionality and rich features allowing traders to analyze markets and use autonomous trading algorithms called cBots. Despite its popularity, few Forex prop firms offer this advanced platform to […]

Prop firms or proprietary firms are financial institutions that enable individuals to trade financial instruments with the firm’s money, aiming to make a profit. They often provide traders access to their trading capital, technology, and resources. Many prop firms started offering what’s called a free trial. After a brief intro about critical points, we will […]

To become profitable in financial trading, it is a must to be patient and wait for your pattern to form on the price chart. Without having sufficient discipline, and patience is extremely difficult. In fact, the majority of traders lose money because they are quickly bored staring at charts and open positions solely out of […]

Expert Advisors or EAs are automated trading robots on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. Some prop firms restrict using EAs while some allow and even offer support to algorithmic traders. Traders who want to automate trading processes and who also want to start funded trading should check if their firm allows EAs or […]

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