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Justin, a seasoned professional trader boasting over a decade of expertise, has recently embarked on a thorough exploration of various Forex proprietary firms. With a keen focus on evaluating legitimacy and scrutinizing conditions, he navigates the financial landscape with a discerning eye honed by years of market experience.

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Choosing a trading platform is crucial to your trading strategy as a prop trader. This is because trading platforms provide basic charting tools, technical indicators, different order types, stop loss and take profit orders, and many more capabilities. cTrader and MetaTrader 5 are two popular trading software available for all devices, be it desktop, browser, […]

Prop trading is different from traditional financial trading. While the basic principles of both financial trading strategies are similar, the goal and focus are different. Prop trading refers to trading financial markets using funded accounts provided by proprietary firms, which allow traders to pass an evaluation challenge and start trading on FX and other markets […]

In the realm of prop trading, trading challenges are powerful tools that enable traders to show their performance and get funded to trade for profits on substantially larger accounts than they can afford. In prop trading, unlike Forex trading challenges, challenges are typically an evaluation phase to check if the traders have sufficient skills to […]

Obtaining a funded trading account from a proprietary trading firm can be quite a challenge. With drawdown restrictions and profit targets, you may find yourself in a difficult situation where you pay for a funded account but are unable to deliver the desired returns. For this reason, you may be looking for an alternative to […]

Proprietary trading, or prop trading for short, has been around for years and some traders have managed to build up a fortune and achieved financial self-sufficiency doing so. Proprietary trading firms allow clients to access increased levels of funding in exchange for a fixed or monthly fee and funding levels can reach as high as […]

Proprietary trading, more commonly known as prop trading, is a form of investing in the financial markets where companies use their own capital to speculate on asset prices for the purpose of making money. Some prop firms hire professional traders and beginners, and teach them their own strategies to speculate on financial markets. Profits are […]

Proprietary trading, commonly referred to as prop trading, is a type of trading where financial institutions use their own funds to participate in the financial markets. Prop firms use trading challenges and competitions to evaluate talented individuals and provide them with funded accounts. Profits are split between traders and prop firms with predetermined ratios. Prop […]

Principal and proprietary (prop) trading are two very different trading activities. Principal trading, also referred to as agency trading, is the practice where a financial institution acts as an intermediary between securities buyers and sellers. The broker/financial institution facilitates trades on behalf of its clients. It’s important to note that the financial institution doesn’t take […]

Forex trading is the most dynamic and competitive, with traders constantly seeking new ways to optimize their strategies and maximize profits. The broker’s offered spreads are a significant factor affecting the trader’s end-goal performance. In the case of FX prop firms, those offering brokers with the lowest spreads can be more attractive for traders. In […]

Forex prop firms are companies that provide traders with trading capital. Traders make a profit and the firm shares a percentage of profits made with traders, typically 75-90%. When signing a complaint against the prop firm traders need to understand several crucial details which we will discuss in this post. Understanding the Regulatory Landscape The […]

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