Prop Trading Firms Promo Codes

Prop Trading Firms Promo Codes

Proprietary trading, often referred to as “prop trading” is a unique segment of the financial industry. It involves proprietary trading firms investing their own capital to generate profits in the financial markets. These markets can be diverse and often include stock trading, Forex, cryptos, and many more classes of assets. Prop trading firms unlike brokers do not act on behalf of their clients but rather fund traders to generate and split profits. Traders usually pay a small fee for the funded account challenge and show their trading skills within the predetermined performance parameters. However, some prop firms never let traders access live markets and set hidden rules to make them lose money and earn commissions unethically. This is why our platform can be a great help to traders to find reliable firms and use only their funding discount codes.

Promo codes can greatly enhance trader experience and let them access large trading capital without paying high fees. These discount codes typically apply to funded account fees and are very useful for beginners to start a prop trading career. Our unbiased reviews and overall score system rank the best prop firms, and we also have added a discount code page, which we update regularly. So, on our website, traders can not only find promo codes, but they are also sure to find the best discounts for the most reliable prop firms.

Below, we will provide a list of popular firms and their promo codes. Make sure you check our page every day to get the best promos from top prop firms.

What Are Proprietary Trading Firm Discount Codes?

Proprietary trading discount codes are special codes during prop firm discount periods that offer various discounts and sales for prop firms’ products. These codes can be used during signing up with the prop firm to get various bonuses such as reduced prices for audition fees, free technical analysis services, etc. The main purpose of these codes is to attract and motivate traders to sign up with the firm and is a great way to introduce a new prop firm to the industry. Usually, popular firms also launch discount events periodically to solidify their position in the prop trading industry. Both beginners and experienced traders can use these codes to enhance their trading results. While beginners should opt for funded accounts with lower capital, experienced traders can use discounts to buy large accounts. Signing up for a 100k account for less than 500 USD can be a very attractive offer for experienced traders who search for large capital to generate high income without spending much capital. Our unbiased prop firm review platform also offers a list of the best prop firms with promo discount codes to make our traders’ lives easier.

How to find proprietary trading discount codes?

If you were to find the best prop firms with promo codes, it would be a lengthy process. Firstly, you need to search and find a reliable review platform to list the most reliable prop firms. Secondly, it is necessary to find which of these firms have ongoing promo codes, which involves checking the websites for each of the prop firms. You will also need to check their profit split and other important details to ensure the promotional accounts are worth all the hassle. Our platform is the quickest and safest way to find the best prop firms with discount codes and start employing trading strategies without additional research, which can be a time-consuming process.

The proprietary trading coupon codes list below provides the list of the best prop firms with discounts.

Best Prop Trading Firms Coupon Codes & Discounts List

Firm Discount Code Comment
TopTier Trader “fundedtrader” 10% audition fee discount
Funded Trading Plus “FF10” 10% discount
Surge Trader FPREVIEWS10OFF 10% Off
Crypto Fund Trader FOREXPROPREVIEWS 8% Off

Top 5 Proprietary Trading Firms Comparison

Firm Overall Score Profit Share Min funding Max Funding Profit target Daily loss limit Max loss limit
Apex Trader Funding 4.42 100% for the first 25k, 90% afterward 25,000 USD 300,000 USD 6% None None
BuoyTrade 4.22 80% (at level 10) 1,000 USD 1,024,000 USD 5% None 5%
Instant Funding 4.11 70-80% (up to 90% with scaling) 1,250 1.25 million USD 0-3-5% None 10%
Funded Trading Plus 4.05 70-80% 5,000 USD 2.5 million with scaling plan 0% (10% during evaluation) 3-4% 5-8%
FTMO 4.03 90% 10,000 USD 200,000 USD 10% 5% 10%

How to Use Promo Codes – A Quick Tutorial

Describe any firm and process of applying the promo codes and generalize it. Let’s take the Funded Trading Plus firm’s ongoing discount as an example to make the process easier. Foremost, you will need to select your comfortable funding amount and funded account type and click apply. To use the funding discount code for your account, you will need to enter the code upon checkout. After applying the discount code you will be able to get any funded account with a 10% discount price which is very useful for purchasing large trading accounts. To see exact details about the Funded Trading Plus prop firm you can check our unbiased review and see if the firm is reliable and whether its risk policies and limitations are in line with your trading strategy.

prop firm promo codes

Other firms will have similar procedures for applying promo codes, so you can save this page as a guide.

Stay Updated with Exclusive Offers

Our prop promotional codes list updates every time the firms introduce a new discount event, and it is the best place to search not only discount codes but the most reliable prop firms as well. We review and evaluate each prop firm using an advanced research methodology that was developed in-house and ensure the firm’s final score shows its reliability. We put a strong emphasis on the safety, rules, and regulations of partner brokers to ensure our readers have the most relevant information. Our end goal is to provide a top-quality review platform where readers can find their preferred prop firm with one glance. We are not shy to harshly evaluate any firm that has red flags and hidden rules and double-check every piece of information. The most important factor is that everything is regularly updated and new firms and promo codes are added.

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