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Funded Trading Plus Forex prop firm review – Solid Player since 2013

Phase 1 Profit Target

0% (10% during evaluation phases)

Phase 2 Profit Target

0% (10% during evaluation phases)

Maximum Daily Loss


Maximum Loss


Min Trading Days

No limit

Profit Split


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Funded Trading Plus








Trading Platforms:

MT4, MT5


Year founded:



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Min Account size:

5,000 USD (229 USD on Instant funded account)

Funded Trading Plus Forex prop firm review – Solid Player since 2013

Funded Trading Plus Forex prop firm has been around since 2013 and has established itself as a solid player in the space. The firm offers funding for Forex trading from 5,000 to 250,000 USD and a scaling plan up to 2,500,000 USD.

In our Funded Trading Plus review, we will research and provide exact details about the prop firm’s safety, fees, assets, funding options, and many more.

Pros & cons of Funded Trading Plus prop firm


  • Ability to withdraw with $0 fees
  • Offers access to MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
  • Fast and digital account opening/verification
  • Offers access to more than 70 Forex pairs and 200+ cryptos
  • The firm offers competitive fees for funding accounts, starting from 119 USD
  • Traders have various funding options, including One-phase, Two-phase, and Instant-No Evaluation accounts
  • Most payment options are free and instant


  • The firm lacks reviews on the Forex Peace Army (FPA) platform
  • Offers little to no educational resources
  • Does not offer stock trading
  • Does not offer trading challenges or events

Funded Trading Plus Quick Overview

FPA Score No reviews
Year founded 2013
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Minimum audition fee 119 USD (15,000 USD funded account)
Fees on withdrawals 0 USD
Minimum funded amount 5,000 USD (229 USD on Instant funded account)
Maximum funded amount 250,000 USD (up to 2.5 million with scaling plan)
Allowed daily loss 3-4%
Profit target 0% (10% during evaluation phases)
Maximum trailing drawdown 5-8%
Profit sharing (Payouts) 70-80%
Trading Platforms MT4, MT5
Available trading markets Forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies

Safety of Funded Trading Plus – 3

Funded Trading Plus reviews on Trustpilot are excellent. However, the firm does not have any reviews on the FPA, which is a much more reputable platform for evaluating brokers and prop firms. Therefore, we always check every firm on the FPA to ensure they have positive feedback and ranking. The legitimacy of the firm is solid despite this little red flag, as it has been around since 2013. The website is very intuitive and user-friendly. Another important metric for us to evaluate the safety of any prop firm is to define who their partner broker is and whether this broker is regulated. Trading via unregulated brokers can be extremely risky. Funded Trading Plus has a regulated partner broker, EightCap.

The firm gets a 3 score in this section for lacking the FPA reviews and ranking.

Funding and maximum capital allocation – 4

Funded Trading Plus free repeat is not available at the moment, but all the fees are competitive and lower.

There are three evaluation account types offered by the firm, One-phase, Two-phase, and Instant-No Evaluation.

The One-phase funded account requires one challenge phase before the trader gets funded and starts with the minimum funding of 15,000 USD and is capped at 250,000 USD. This 15,000 funding was increased from the previous 12,500 USD, with the fee remaining the same at 119 USD. This is below the industry average of 150 USD fee and is super competitive. The maximum fee for the 250,000 USD account is 999 USD and is paid once.

The two-phase funding account requires two steps before getting the full funding account with withdrawable profits. The two-phased account is divided into premium and advanced options, both of which offer minimum funding of 25,000 USD, but the fees are different. Advanced has a lower fee on a 25,000 USD account at 199 USD, and a premium with the same funding will cost 247 USD. The maximum funded amount for the Two-phased funded accounts is 200,000 USD.

The Instant – No Evaluation account comes with the lowest funded amount of 5,000 USD, and it will cost traders 225 USD. The maximum funding amount is 100,000 USD for the instant account.

Funded Trading Plus free trial is not available at the moment, as all funding programs require a one-time fee. Funded Trading Plus scaling plan is very flexible and traders can scale up their account to 2,500,000 USD. Scaling is possible after hitting a 10% profit margin on any funded account when the trader becomes a funded trader.

There are no challenges or events offered by the firm as of now, which is a slight downside for a firm with such vast experience.

Funded Trading Plus funding deserves a 4 score as it only lacks a 1,000 USD account option.

Funded Trading Plus Assets – 4

More than 70 Forex pairs are available for trading. There are also 16 indices and 8 spot commodities available including gold, silver, and many more. From more than 200 cryptocurrencies, it is super easy to find a preferable one and start trading. All trading assets are offered through the partner broker EightCap which is regulated by the ASIC and offers low spreads from 0 pips for FX pairs and low spreads on other assets. The only downside for Funded Trading Plus prop trading is the lack of stocks.

For the reasons mentioned above, the firm gets a solid 4 score in the assets department.

Funded Trading Plus rules and limitations – 4

Funded Trading Plus rules are slightly different for each different type of funded account.

The One-phase account comes with the following rules and limits (phase 1, funded trader):

  • Maximum simulated trading days – Unlimited, unlimited
  • Profit split – none, 80% (90% when 20% profit hit)
  • Profit target – 10%, none
  • Minimum simulated trading days – 0, 0
  • Maximum leverage – 30:1
  • Maximum loss – 6%, 6%
  • Daily loss – 3%, 3%
  • Scaling plan – None, every 10% of profits hit
  • Minimum days before withdrawal – none, 0 (then weekly)
  • Minimum withdrawal amount – none, 50 USD
  • EAs – Allowed
  • Maximum lot size – No limits
  • Holding position over the weekend – Allowed
  • Stop loss required? — No

The requirements are a bit strict with h3% daily allowed drawdown for One-phase accounts, but not impossible to complete.

For the Two-phase accounts, the requirements are slightly different with the daily loss limit being 4% and the maximum drawdown at 8% which is better terms than the One-phase account. All the other specs are the same.

The Instant account offers profit splits from 70%, has no daily loss limit, and trailers can lose a maximum of 5%.

The firm gets a 4 score in this section as an excellent Funded Trading Plus prop firm.

Funded Trading Plus Fees – 5

Funded Trading Plus funded programs come with diverse fees for different amounts and types.

Let’s list them to have a sense of how expensive it is to buy a funded account at Funded Trading Plus.

One-phase funding fees are:

  • 15,000 USD – 119USD
  • 30,000 USD – 199 USD
  • 60,000 USD – 349 USD
  • 125,000 USD – 499 USD
  • 250,000 USD – 999 USD

The funding and fees for the Two-phase Premium accounts:

  • 25,000 USD – 247 USD
  • 50,000 USD – 397 USD
  • 100,000 USD – 547 USD
  • 200,000 USD – 1,097 USD

The fees for each funding on the Two-phase Advanced account are:

  • 25,000 USD – 199 USD
  • 50,000 USD – 349 USD
  • 100,000 USD – 499 USD
  • 200,000 USD – 999 USD

Instant No-Evaluation account has the following fees:

  • 5,000 USD – 225 USD
  • 10,000 USD – 450 USD
  • 25,000 USD – 1,125 USD
  • 50,000 USD – 2,250 USD
  • 100,000 USD – 4,500 USD

Traders will get refunded if they change their minds after purchasing a funded account or if they do not place an order for 14 days.

A solid 5 score in this section.

Funded Trading Plus Platforms – 5

EightCap, the partner broker of the firm, offers MT4 and MT5 advanced trading platforms. Traders are free to select their preferred trading platform and start trading with spreads from 0 pips. Platforms can be accessed from any device including mobile and Desktop and allows custom indicators and EAs or trading robots.

A solid and deserved 5 score in this section for sure.

Funded Trading Plus Profit-Sharing – 4

Funded Trading Plus profit split varies between 70 to 80% depending on the funded account type. A 70% profit split is given to the Instant account holders, while all other accounts are eligible for an 80% profit split between a trader and the prop firm.

Traders can withdraw profits at any time from day one and from the 50 USD profits. Withdrawal processing takes less than 24 hours.

The firm gets a 4 score here for its excellent terms. If they had a 90% profit split, a 5 score would be given in this section.

Education and trading tools at Funded Trading Plus – 2

The firm is clear about its focus on experienced traders and offers little to no educational resources as a result. Despite this, there are still numerous tools and blog posts available to make traders’ lives easier. Drawdown calculators will play an essential role for every funded trader to closely monitor their risk to be in line with rules and requirements.

The firm gets a 2 score in this section because of its wide range of tool selection.

Customer Support at Funded Trading Plus – 5

With multilingual live chat available 24/7 Funded Trading Plus offers top-notch support to all its clients. As for additional support channels, there are email and phone support available as well increasing the firm’s legitimacy. The firm is also present in social media and has a Discord channel as well.

A well-deserved 5 score in this section.

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