FTMO 90% profit split

FTMO 90% profit split

FTMO is a popular and legit proprietary firm offering capital to traders to speculate on the financial market on the firm’s behalf. Proprietary firms or shortly prop firms offer traders the opportunity to control large capital for small fees. FTMO is among the top prop firms in the world, offering unparalleled safety and reliability. Our team has thoroughly researched the firm and found that it checks every box for safety and quality of services. FTMO 90% profit split challenge will require traders to make 10% profits in 4 months, which is a reasonable time.

FTMO prop firm brief review

ftmo logoFTMO is a popular and legit proprietary trading firm, offering capital to traders with minimalistic rules to follow. The firm is immensely popular in the industry for a reason: it offers a safe trading environment, few rules to follow, and diverse funding options. Fees are within industry standards and a 90% profit split ensures traders get rewarded with 90% of profits if they are profitable. Being able to trade on a 100k account without your money and withdraw 90% of profits may be the fastest and most convenient way to start a trader’s career.

The firm has a solid rating of above 4 on our platform and a 4.49 score on the FPA (Forex Peace Army) platform, making it one of the safest options for funded traders.

FTMO is a highly reputable prop firm among traders and investors and offers two funded accounts, normal risk and aggressive risk. This is especially useful for aggressive traders to allow them higher drawdown limits. The funding options are different between the two accounts. Normal risk-funded account holders can purchase funding between 10 to 200k, while aggressive traders can get between 10k and 100k. The exact range of funding options includes 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, and 200k accounts. There are no lower funded accounts from 1k but the fee for the 10k account is 140 USD. Anything below 150 USD is considered a cheap fee for funded accounts, and FTMO delivers in this category as well. The rules are among the best in the industry, from 5% daily loss limits to 10% maximum drawdown allowance. The profit target is slightly higher at 10%, but the firm allows traders to withdraw any profits once they pass the challenge phase.

ftmo 90% split

FTMO asset selection is also diverse including Forex, indices, commodities, and cryptos only lacking stocks. With these many assets, traders can apply a wide range of trading strategies to pass the challenge. The leverage is also very high for a prop firm capped at 1:100. Spreads are also low for FX pairs from 0.5 pips and the trading commission is 3 USD per lot round turn, making it very convenient. Indices can be traded with the spreads from 0.20 and commissions are zero. Cryptos start from 0.00005 spreads and are also commission-free. The commodities come with varying commissions and spreads as low as 0.00005.

Support is excellent and includes a live chat, platforms are MT4 and MT5 advanced trading platforms and cTrader.

FTMO offers trading courses and educational resources, allowing beginners to start learning and become successful in financial markets. Additionally, the firm offers a scaling plan of up to 2 million USD funded accounts. To be eligible for the scaling plan, traders need to make at least 10% profits in 4 months or 2.5% monthly. Traders also must process at least 2 payouts within this 4-month period. Traders need to be in profits during scale-up. Merging different accounts is also possible, however, if at least one account is not a scaled account the profit split will reset to 80%. However, it is relatively easy to get FTMO profit split percentage to 90% for consistent traders.

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FTMO 90% Profit Split Account

All accounts are eligible for a 90% profit split increase, given the trader is consistent for at least 120 days. The default profit split is at 80% at FTMO. When traders start using the scaling plan, the profit split switches to 90% (90/10). All accounts are eligible for a 90% profit split the moment they are on a scaling-up plan, which is activated in 4-month cycles. With the default 80% profit split, traders can still make a living if traded with a decent start and follow risk limit rules. The fact that FTMO has a 4.8 score in rules means they have few rules to follow and no hidden rules. The same profit split present for any funded account type allows traders to use their comfortable trading styles without the worry of a lower profit split. Are there any downsides to the FTMO’s 90% profit split? There is only one, for traders who are not using the scaled-up accounts, the profit split is only 80%. However, other popular firms rarely offer a 90% profit split, and 80% is a very acceptable level for any prop firm. 90% profit split is only possible through the scaling plan requirements. Our FTMO scaling plan review made it clear that consistent traders who have well-defined trading strategies must reach the 90% profit split in a reasonable amount of time.

90% profit split example

How much does FTMO pay to its funded traders? Suppose the trader makes profits for the first 4 months on a 100k account, which is already scaled up. The overall balance is 110,000 USD and the trader requests a 10,000 USD profit withdrawal. From 10,000 9,000 (90%) will go to the trader’s bank account while the remaining 1,000 USD will be FTMO’s share (10%).

How to Become a Profitable Funded Trader at FTMO – Basic Steps

Since FTMO is a reliable and safe prop firm, the first criteria is completed. The only thing remaining is to select the funded account and apply a trading strategy that operates within the required risk parameters of the firm. Any strategy that has higher than 5% daily drawdown limits will fail to pass the challenge phase. FTMO has

Achieving the Highest FTMO Profit Split

To increase the profit split from 80% to 90% trading on an FTMO funded account, traders need to become eligible for a scaling plan. FTMO’s scaling plan is working on 4-month cycles and requires traders to hit a 10% profit target within 4 months while having requested and processed at least 2 profit payouts. The trading strategy that will make consistent profits for 4 consecutive months will require some development and testing. Remember, you also have to trade within the required risk parameters. To achieve a 90% profit split, traders must hit the profit target within the first 4 months of trading, meaning at least 4 months of profitable trading is required to achieve the maximum profit share. This is a serious challenge and excludes any luck or get-rich-quick approach. Here are some recommended steps to achieve a 90% profit share at FTMO:

  1. Well-tested trading strategy with lower daily drawdown than FTMO requirements (usually under 5%), maximum drawdown of lower than 10%, and at least 2.5% monthly profits.
  2. Strong discipline and emotional control skills to follow and execute the rules of the trading strategy
  3. Knowledge of trading psychology
  4. Risk management strategy. The trading strategy must contain exact rules for stop loss and take profit.

Not every trading strategy can be used to operate within the required risk parameters. Ensure your strategy can perform under strong risk limit rules.

Can you make a living trading on a funded account?

Even with an 80% profit split, on a 100k-funded account, traders will be able to make a living. Depending on the country and living expenses, the required monthly profit target may vary. In 3rd world countries where living expenses are low, even the monthly 3% profit would be enough on the 100k account. However, for the developed countries, traders will need to hit higher profits. The simple way to calculate the required minimum monthly profit is to check your country’s average monthly expenses. These expenses must align with the number of family members.

With a 100k USD account and a 10% monthly profit target, it is possible to make a living and make trading a primary career. 10% of 100k is 10,000 USD and 90% of 10k is 9,000 USD. With a 9,000 USD monthly salary, it is possible to live in any country without issues or financial difficulties.

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