Funded Trading Plus promo code: BANG

Funded Trading Plus promo code: BANG

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Craig Ogley

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Jul, 2024

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Jul, 2024

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Funded Trading Plus is a robust prop firm with years of experience in the industry. The firm offers a wide range of funding options and trading assets. While the fees of Funded Trading Plus are within the industry average, our promo code can make it super attractive and low-cost to start your funded challenge right now. The code is BANG (gives 10% off). Let’s explain why promo codes are important and how to use this code to reduce your prop trading startup costs.

What is Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus is a reliable prop firm launched in 2013. It offers funding account challenges ranging from 5k to 250 USD options. There is a robust scaling plan to increase the maximum funding to 2.5 million USD. The daily risk limit is 4%, the profit target during evaluation is 10%, and 0% after that. Maximum drawdown is around 8% depending on the funded account option. With these rules, the firm allows traders to implement a wide range of trading methods including swing trading and trend-following, making it an attractive firm for all types of traders.

Why Use a Promo Code?

Funded Trading Plus promo code: BANG

Promo codes are effective methods to reduce the price of a funded account challenge. They enable traders to potentially purchase a larger trading account for the same price. Here is the list of all the pros of using promo codes:

  1. Reduced fees for funded accounts. Saving money or accessing large accounts for a small budget can be super beneficial for profitable traders.
  2. Larger trading accounts for the same costs to amplify potential profits
  3. Lower entry barriers for beginners. Beginners can use a small budget and start a prop trading journey right away, saving money for more prop challenges

Purchasing a higher-funded account for the same budget is very appealing. Reducing the cost of starting a prop trading career offers traders the ability to save money for future challenges as well.

How to Get a Funded Trading Plus Promo Code

To get the latest promo codes for Funded Trading Plus, visit our web page and check for the latest codes. Other alternatives include googling for promo codes or checking the website and support of the firm. The easiest way obviously is to read our articles about the latest promo codes to quickly gain access to funded accounts cheaply and amplify potential profits. However, our promo code is exclusive to our platform and can not be found on other websites.

This promo code (BANG) must be entered with an uppercase letter to be valid. If the code expires it will be useless, so use this opportunity as soon as possible. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to using the Funded Trading Plus promo code during your purchase.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Promo Code

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use the promo code “BANG” on the Funded Trading Plus funded challenges:

Step 1. Visit the website of the firm (

Step 2. Click on the Programs button on the top menu or scroll down to funded options.

Step 3. Select your funding option and click on Start Now.
funded trader plus select the challenge

Step 4. Select your trading platform from three options and click on Continue to Checkout.
funded trader plus select your platform

Step 5. Enter your coupon by clicking on the “Click Here To Enter Your Code”, enter your code in field, and click on Apply Coupon.
funded trader plus apply coupon

After these steps, the coupon is activated and will reduce the cost of the challenge by 10%. You can now proceed to fill in other details and payment options and place an order to purchase the challenge.

Maximizing Your Benefits with Funded Trading Plus

After purchasing the funded account, you will start trading on a simulated account using the selected trading platform. There are a few suggestions to benefit from your funded account. Funded Trading Plus offers not only advanced trading platforms but also advanced features and tools to monitor your progress and access useful functions. The trader dashboard by the firm allows traders to control and monitor many important trading functions from one interface. Monitoring your compliance with the firm’s rules is crucial for maintaining your funded account. Implement strict risk management strategies and always use stop-loss orders to limit your exposure to market risks. Control position size closely and ensure not even a losing streak can hit your daily risk limits or overall drawdown.


Funded Trading Plus is a reliable prop firm that offers a diverse range of funding options and trading assets. The firm is a reliable company that has been in the industry since 2013. Funded Trading Plus offers an exclusive promo code for FirmFunded readers BANG, that reduces all funded challenge account fees by 10%. This code is exclusive to firmfunded and not available anywhere else. Using this code, traders can purchase funded accounts cheaper, and reduce their startup costs for prop trading. Traders should implement robust risk management strategies to benefit from all the advanced features of Funded Trading Plus.


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