Instant Funding Forex Prop firms

Instant Funding Forex Prop firms

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Oct, 2023

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Feb, 2024

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Prop firms usually offer funded accounts only after the trader passes the evaluation with predetermined rules and conditions. However, some prop firms started to offer instant funding accounts, where traders can start trading on live accounts without prior evaluations. Instant funding accounts can be beneficial when used properly as risks and costs are higher. Traders have to find a reliable prop firm before they can start trading profitably on instant funding accounts and then apply well-tested trading methods.

Finding the best prop firm with instant funding can be a tricky process, but we have got your back.

Understanding Instant Funding

Proprietary trading firms typically offer several funded account types. The majority of these accounts have some kind of evaluation phase to ensure traders can perform profitably in a virtual environment before giving access to live accounts. Instant funding accounts, on the other hand, offer the possibility to start trading for profits on live accounts right away without the need to evaluate the trader’s skills beforehand. Giving live accounts to traders without checking their performance makes instant funding accounts risky for prop firms. Because of the high risks for the prop firms, these accounts often cost more than standard accounts. Traders should remember that instant funding accounts are primarily designed for experienced traders and are not suited for beginners. While beginners may prefer to learn and then test their skills on evaluation accounts, instant funding accounts can be of great value for experienced traders. Being able to start trading on a 100k USD account and earning profits right away can have a huge impact on experienced traders.

Pros and cons of instant funding accounts

Instant funding accounts can be dangerous for beginner traders as there is no evaluation time to ensure their strategy fits with the rules and risk limits of the prop firm. We advise starters to go for one-step evaluation firms instead. For prop firms, there is a substantial risk of a trader losing their capital. So, these accounts can be risky for both traders and prop firms. Despite being riskier than traditional funded accounts, there are numerous pros related to instant funding accounts. The most obvious advantage is the ability to start making profits immediately without the need to pass the evaluation challenge period. If a trader is experienced and has a well-tested strategy, instant funding can be the best and quickest solution for maximizing income. For beginners, instant funding accounts bear serious risks of losing paid fees and ultimately failing on the funded account. Breaking rules will result in the termination of the funded account and all fees or part of fees may be lost. This is why the best instant funding prop trading firms usually offer instant funding for experienced traders and make it clear from the naming of the account as well.

Pros of instant funding accounts

  • Immediate trading possibility – The lack of an evaluation period enables traders to start generating profits right away. This can be very advantageous for traders who are confident in their skills and strategies
  • Faster profits: Withdrawing profits typically requires starting trading on live-funded accounts after an evaluation period. With instant funding accounts, traders can start withdrawing profits in a much shorter time.
  • No evaluation challenges – Skipping to trading on a live account lets trailers save time in the evaluation phase.

Cons of instant funding accounts

  • Higher risks – Instant funding accounts can be very risky for beginners, as there is no time to test their skills or to ensure the trader’s strategy is relevant to the firm’s rules and conditions.
  • Higher costs – Instant funding accounts typically come at higher prices, and breaking the rules will make traders lose all the paid fees. Although many firms offer repeat discounts, the costs are still higher.
  • Not suitable for beginners – Instant funding accounts are generally targeted at experienced traders. Beginners should stay away from these types of accounts as they need to test their skills in the evaluation phase beforehand.

As we can see, instant funding accounts are perfect for experienced traders, but highly risky for beginners. So if you are a beginner – see our best props for beginners list.

The List of the Best Prop Firms with Instant Funding

Here is the list of the top prop firms with instant funding.


Firm Overall Score Min instant funding Max instant funding Min instant funding fee Profit share Daily loss limit Max loss limit Action
Funded Trading Plus 4.05 5,000 USD 250,000 USD 229 USD 70-80% 3-4% 5-8% Register
FTMO 4.03 10,000 USD 200,000 USD 164 USD 90% 5% 10% Register
Lark Funding 3.89 5,000 USD 1,000,000 USD 50 USD 75-80% 5% 10% Register
Audacity Capital 3.67 10,000 USD 480,000 USD 129 USD 50-85% 10% 10% Register
Smart Prop Trader 3.57 10,000 USD 200,000 USD 67 USD 85% 4% 8% Register

Instant Funding in Forex Prop Firms

The best instant funding prop trading firms sometimes do not offer Forex pairs and focus on other assets such as futures and options. Among the tradable assets offered by the best instant funding prop firm forex must be included to call it a Forex prop firm. Forex prop firms offer a larger selection of currency pairs and are more suitable for FX traders. Their rules and conditions are also different from those of futures or stock prop firms. Instant funding accounts in Forex prop firms function the same way as for other prop firms. However, there are several benefits when trading Forex using an instant funding account. The most obvious advantage is that the leverage is usually considerably higher than for other assets. Popular firms offer 1:100 leverage, enabling traders to trade with 100 times the size of a funded account. The number of tradable instruments for FX pairs is typically higher when compared to futures, commodities, or indices. The most popular regulated brokers among prop firms are EightCap and ThinkMarkets and both of them offer FX pairs with very low spreads. Other assets often have higher spreads that can make a huge difference depending on the trading strategy. Traders can find the best forex prop firm instant funding options below in our comprehensive list. All the prop firms in the list are reviewed and have an overall score that can be used as a reference to evaluate the firm’s reliability.

Top Instant Funding Forex Prop Firms

Forex trading is popular and there is a reason. It is the largest financial market in the world. Forex prop firms with instant funding offer the unique possibility to start trading with large capital for a relatively small fee.


Blue Guardian

Our rating


Our rating


Our rating

Funded Trading Plus

Our rating

How to select the Best Instant Funding Trading Account

Before selecting the account type, it is essential to find a reliable prop firm. One way of doing so is conducting your own research and finding out what other traders have to say about each prop firm. Since our website has a dedicated team of researchers with advanced methodology, we have conducted all the efforts to offer an unbiased evaluation for each prop firm on our website. So, the easiest way to select the best prop firm with instant funding is to check our reviews. In our list above, traders will see the score of each prop firm, making it a simple process to select only reliable firms. Within these reliable prop firms, it is important to select instant funding accounts with the best conditions, meaning with the lowest profit targets, and higher risk limits.

Steps for selecting the top instant funding forex prop firms

  • Step One – Ensure the firm is reliable and has a high overall score on our platform (3.9 and higher recommended).
  • Step Two – Attractive trading limits and no hidden rules ensure traders can start making profits. Some firms have so tight risk limits that it is impossible not to hit them during a bad trading session. This is why higher risk limits are a must. Hidden rules can ruin the whole funded trading experience, and it is essential to read all the rules carefully.
  • Step Three – A profit share of at least 80% will help traders make a living from trading. Some prop firms offer even 90%, but anything from 80% is more than enough.
  • Step Four – Select firms with the lowest fees for your comfortable instant funding amount. Some traders may prefer to start with a moderately funded amount and increase the account size slowly to control the emotional stress of trading.
  • Step Five – Acceptable fees will make a difference. While it is justified to pay slightly more for high-quality services, the best prop firm with instant funding must also offer low fees.

With these steps, traders can reduce the time needed to find the most suitable firm. Using our lists above, traders will select proper firms in no time.

How to Access Instant Funding

Accessing the instant funding accounts requires registration and paying the fees. Let’s take Funded Trading Plus as an example. The firm offers the Master Trader Program which is an instant funding account as it does not require any evaluation phase. The trader will have to select this account, select desirable account funding between 5k and 100k USD, and apply.

The following page will offer two options for selecting the trading platforms. After the platform has been selected, the next page is for checkout and payments. With these steps, you will get an instant funded account and will be able to start making profits. Just ensure you have a well-tested trading strategy that has proved to be profitable in the live environment.

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